Do you want to spend hours after hours trying to find everything to finally start growing plants in your greenhouse? I don’t think so!

It can take you days to choose shelves, a heater, a work bench, gardening tools (if you don’t have any), vent openers, a shade cloth etc etc.

All you want to do is to start growing your plants and not to surf the Internet reading endless reviews.

I’ve been there and know how time-consuming it can be, so I thought it will be nice to list all my personal favorites and tools that I use in my garden.

Hopefully, it will make your life easier and you can start doing what we all love – growing plants!

Greenhouse Shelves and Staging

Every greenhouse should have a shelf where you can store your potted plants and leave your tools. I recommend getting a heavy-duty shelf made of steel which will last ages.

Unless your greenhouse already comes with built in shelves or staging, getting a plant stand will keep your structure super organized.

It can display all of your potted plants nicely and I like that it’s very easy to keep this stand clean and tidy.

Work Station

Potting station or a work station is a must in any greenhouse or garden in general. You can use it to pot your plants, prepare seed trays and for transplanting.

I recommend getting a double-shelf portable work station so you can move it anywhere and you can keep your tools or pots on the bottom shelf.

Portable Garden Stool

It’s a truly life-changing tool! I remember back in the days I used to buy folding chairs, kneeling pads and tool bags separately. And trust me, every time I would still forget something!

If you’re like me and want to keep everything you need next to you at all times, this multifunctional tool is for you! It comes with a kneeler which you can transfer into a seat and two tool bags.

Greenhouse Hanging Clips

and S Hooks

These are the best greenhouse accessories. If you ask me what’s the best way to maximize space in your greenhouse, hands down it’s to hang your plants. Simply insert these clips into the roof channel of your greenhouse and hang your pots or flower baskets with S hooks.

What more tips and tricks on how to organize your greenhouse to maximize space? Read this article and also check out my greenhouse supplies guide.

Gardening Tools

I’m sure you have your favorite gardening tools, but in case you don’t or looking to buy new ones, I would advise getting a set. There are many options out there so it’s up to you what you like.

I recommend getting the essentials such as a hand shovel, plant trowel, pruning shears, weed cutter, weed fork, tool fork, folding bucket, spray bottle, binding line and a pair of gloves. It also very convenient if everything comes in a tool bag so you will keep everything in there and won’t lose them!

Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Your greenhouse can get very hot in the summer months without any shading. There are many ways you can shade your structure, but a shade cloth is my favorite. It’s cheap, easy to install and does the job perfectly. I recommend using a water-resistant knitted 40-70% shade cloth.

Greenhouse Auto Vent Openers

An automatic vent opener is a number one greenhouse must have for me. When growing plants in a greenhouse you are responsible for creating a perfect environment.

It can be challenging to keep an optimal temperature at all times. But you can easily get rid of the hassle of opening vents in a greenhouse every time by getting auto vent openers.

Greenhouse Heater

If you want to keep your production up and running in the winter months, then you need to learn how to heat your greenhouse. I’m a huge fan of heating a greenhouse without electricity, but keeping a heater just in case is always a good idea.

I bought and tested a bunch of them so you don’t have to, so check out this blog post. The cheapest option is a paraffin heater – it’s under 200$ and is cheap to run too.

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